Selling a Home

Selling a home is often a complicated and tedious process. Although it is possible to sell a home on your own, it is ill-advised: an individual will not have access to the same promotional materials and business connections as an experienced agent. This means your home will have less reach in the area. Hiring an experienced real estate agent to represent you and protect your interests is a worthwhile investment, especially in promoting your home and negotiating sales prices, and will get you more money from the sale than you would have on your own. Real estate agents also will not have sentimental regard for your home, and will be able to make an educated and accurate assessment of its worth. Setting a fair and competitive price increases the likelihood for a speedy sale. The listing agent will handle any problems that may arise, being more familiar with the paperwork and potential traps involved in real estate transactions, smoothing the path to a profitable closing.

Having an experienced intermediary between you and the buyer is a smart decision for those desiring to sell their home in an efficient and timely fashion. Not only will the agent assist in preparing and marketing the home for sale, but he or she will offer guidance through the messy process and make the home more appealing to the buyer. When you hire one of our agents, we will review the selling process, give you a comparative market analysis set a fair and competitive target price, and use our extensive resources to market the property to both the individual as well as other agents to attract buyers and get your home sold as quickly as possible. At Team Gotcher, we offer market analysis for free. We will immediately enter your home into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), making your home searchable via other marketing databases, alerting over ten thousand agents, who will in return inform their buyers about the availability of your home. Other marketing tools- flyers, signs, pictures, as well as entrance onto home-buying websites- will get your home the right amount of exposure necessary for a sale.

Remember, the number of buyers has a positive relationship to the amount of exposure the house gets, and Team Gotcher will make sure that happens.

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