Buying a Home

Did you know that when you call the agent on a sign in front of a home, that agent represents the seller’s interests only? That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced buyer’s agent- let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Buying a home can be a time-consuming process. A typical home search may take up to three or four months; however, professional representation by an experienced buyer’s agent may lessen this time considerably. While it is possible to purchase a home without an intermediary, having a buyer’s agent to represent you and your interests can make the home-buying process a much smoother and enjoyable experience. Because the housing market is an active and ever-changing exchange of information, home buyer’s may find it difficult to navigate without representation. Hiring an experienced agent will take the stress and agitation that may come with buying a home off your shoulders as they educate you about the complicated world of real estate.


First- time homebuyers often struggle with where to begin in the home-buying process. How much do I qualify for? How much do I need? What can I expect when buying a home? Meeting with an agent will settle whatever compunctions you may have and set you on the right track to buying a home. As your representative, it is our job to help you discover what’s available within your set parameters…even homes that are not yet on the market!

Tell us what you want in a home, and we will do our best to deliver. A list of your immediate or future needs and wants should include the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, and any other extra features such as handicap access, landscaping, and architectural style. Location should be carefully considered, as it determines which school district your children will be attending, as well as the length of time it will take to commute to work. Sometimes it’s not possible to find a house with everything you want given your budget, time frame, and location, but we will work hard to find the right fit for you.

When searching for a home, most homebuyers aim for a property that’s two and a half times their annual salary. In situations of significant credit card debt or other financial obligations (such as divorce, child support, or an expensive hobby), it may be within your interests to set your sights lower. Also, keep in mind that all monthly home payments shouldn’t exceed more than forty percent of gross monthly income.


With a little help, buying a home can be a relatively smooth process. Our experienced agents will keep you on top of current market trends to keep you at an advantage in the quickly changing world of real estate. Because houses are always in demand, they come and go swiftly. It is our job to ensure the best home at the best price.

When you’re serious about a home, it is advantageous to have an intermediary such as a buyer’s agent when it’s time to make an offer. Said trained individual can negotiate the best price in concordance with the desired home and budget, as well as explain foreign and wordy conditions and clauses to guide you through possible traps and guarantee you get the best deal. A pre-approved buyer also has an advantage in negotiation. If the buyer is already pre-approved for a loan at the time of the offer, he or she is more likely to get the desired home- it’s the hallmark of a serious buyer. However, if you’re stingy in your offer, the seller might not take you seriously, and you’ll lose the home.

The entire home-buying process may seem a little daunting, especially for those who had bad credit or fear the rejection of their offers, but we at Team Gotcher will provide a service that is both informative about the world of real estate and effectively abolishes those myths and fears. With our assistance, you will feel comfortable and confident in signing contracts and making offers. Our schedule is flexible, which allows us to cater to your needs, and we are always available to answer whatever questions you may have to guarantee a productive home-buying experience. Let Team Gotcher be your representative, at no cost to you!

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